Community – C O L O U R

  • Jun 6, 2018

Community – C O L O U R

It was a night filled with music, love, laughter, and an abundance of creativity.

LiveDurban attended Community’s COLOUR. An evening filled with Live music, a doodling competition, photography exhibits, great coffee and beverages, and colourful snacks, all snugged up with a good vibe with nice people.

COMMUNITY aims to be a people, and a space, that nurtures the local creative. It’s an Art Centre in Morningside, Durban, for all those creative and/or seeking inspiration.
Their goal is to partner with local artists, poets, musicians, film makers and the like, and in doing so, expand the creative space in our beloved city. Alongside this core value, they have set out to support local businesses in whatever capacity that they can. COMMUNITY believes in nurturing the creative, choosing a lifestyle of collaboration, and further defining (and living out the idea of) what it means to function as a community.

They serve as a gallery, pop up community (shops, workshops etc), event hire, coffee bar, and studio/office rentals.

Be sure to go check them out!

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